Finding the right caravan insurers

Finding the right caravan insurers

  • Published: Jan 02, 2020

If you have a static caravan then you may not bother too much with the idea of trying to find caravan insurers offering a more appropriate deal:

That may be because in the past you may have been led to believe, by your site owner, that you were obliged to buy your caravan insurance cover form them;

So shopping around to try and find a more appropriate deal may have been a bit of a waste of time for you;

In fact, you may find that in many cases you may be under no obligation to purchase your static caravan cover from the site owners and you are perfectly free to find your own caravan insurers;

If you do so, you may find that there are a number of online providers who may be able to offer deals that may be  more cost-effective that the one you may currently have;

Not only that, you may also find that even if your site owner were to make a charge for administering your privately sourced policy, it may still work out to be a cost effective solution for you;

That may be possible in part because  shopping around may enable you to find policies which may offer discounted premiums;

In the case of a static caravan, these may be available if you locate your static on a site which has a flood free history or where there is a 24 hour supervisory presence onsite;

Belonging to a caravan club or association, may be interpreted as a sign of responsibility and maturity, which may again lead to discounts on premiums to reflect reduced risk;

Fitting approved locks on windows and doors may also be a security measure that is appreciated by caravan insurance providers;

Wherever you source your caravan insurance though, it may typically be a sensible step to read through the policy documentation, including the terms and conditions because different caravan insurers may place different emphasis  on features of cover and you may need to understand how this applies to your situation and your caravan.